Commendation of the Full Moon

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The superstition of lycanthropy has made the vykati to be less than welcome in many places and they hardly ever make references to the mythical disease. The government's top three awards for non-wolves, however, are a rare exception in that they reference the phases of the moon. In order from least to greatest: the ribbon of the Crescent Moon, the Medal of the Half Moon, and the Commendation of the Full Moon.

The commendations were created in 7 BH under the advice of Benayle Ramisa and by the Drtithen Council and Riteyai Lords only after Queen Zarlay Finesse III made it clear that the crown supported Benayle's effort. The purpose was to create a more open dialogue with the other nations.

The top award has, as the vykati themselves would say, been given out less than what can be counted on one paw, without using your thumb. The awardees have been Simon Francis and Gina LeBene.