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This quarter staff appears to be made of an almost white wood, but feels like it is made of a light metal. It is, in fact, wood that has been magically infused with silver, and so acts as a silver weapon. When thrown it becomes a +2 dagger that appears to be made of water. It remains a dagger until retrieved by the owner and removed from the target if necessary. At the owner’s option, the staff can make its holder appear as a water elemental or water weird (does not affect abilities, movement, saves, or anything else. It just changes his appearance. It has the following magical properties:

Arcane waterworks: Five times a day the staff can cast the spell, magic missile, as a second level spell. The missiles appear as orbs of water and even react that way when they strike their target, but are still considered force damage.

Vampirical Aura: Twice a day the staff can drain 1d10 hit points from each enemy within a 20 foot radius from the caster and redirect half the drained hit points to any friendly target within sight of the staff holder. Creatures cannot be drained below zero hit points and only points that have been drained are eligible for transfer.

Drenched Step: Once a day the staff can affect all large and smaller enemies in a fifteen foot radius with the feeling that they are walking though water (DC 15 Will Save negates). Affected creatures move as though on difficult terrain and are unable to use the Dash feature. To affect a large creature, the effect must cover all four of the targets squares.

Watery Healing: Every other day, the staff can cast cure wounds as a second level spell. This gives the appearance that the target is being doused with water, but has no other affect than what is outlined in the spell.

Overcharged Casting: Once a week, the staff can cast any spell of up to fifth level once. The holder must have at least casual knowledge of the spell. Use of this ability negates all of the staff’s abilities, except for the silvered weapon ability, for one week. It doesn’t matter how recently or distantly the other abilities were used when this is cast.

Insatiable Thirst: Once a month, the staff can cause a target to suffer from insatiable thirst (DC 15 Constitution Save negates). Once affected the target suffers disadvantage on all saving throws and to hit rolls for the next five minutes. If there is a source of fresh water nearby, the affected creature will have to move by the shortest route to the water and spend the next four rounds drinking as much water as possible. The impulse ends when there is no more water. Whether the water is considered fresh is determined by the knowledge of the affected creature. If the creature thinks that salt water is fresh water the movement penalty still applies, but only the first round will be spent drinking and then the spell ends.

  • This item was created as part of the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons play test. It may or may not conform with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Rules, but it is our intent to convert it before publication.