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{|+'''Year        '''|'''Event'''|-
{||+'''Year        '''|'''Event'''|-
|2550 BH|Shalekh goes to war with the [[Dwarf (Race)|dwarves]]|
|2550 BH|Shalekh goes to war with the [[Dwarf (Race)|dwarves]]|
|2546 BH|Continents sundered|
|2546 BH|Continents sundered|

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Shalekh goes to war with the dwarves| Continents sundered| The eastern empires are destroyed. The Zenache Empire loses control of Northern Rhidayar and collapses into four tribes.| War of vengeance, Vidava founded| The vykati are created| University of Vidava founded| Vidava is taken back| First Wolf War| Battle for Nervin Pass| Second Wolf War| Vharkylia founded| Creeping War| War of Galeck| Nystal founded| The Dargaleck Agreement| Mida conquered| Battle for Acrie| Colzar is born| Jzianrhun Treaty| Wolf Blight War| Khauzi discovered| Drtithen refounded| Dark elves start coming to Terah| The steel crusades begin. The high elves sweep across the eastern continent and conquer everything in its path| End of Conquest of Steel and Lightning| Railroad boom| Gnomish rebellion| Vykati show up on other continent| High elves driven out of Vharkylia| High elves retreat to Therfass| University of Vidava refounded|}

Current Year 113 (or the last two digits of the current year on Earth +100)