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Year Event
Shalekh goes to war with the dwarves
Continents sundered
The eastern empires are destroyed. The Zenache Empire loses control of Northern Rhidayar and collapses into four tribes.
War of vengeance, Vidava founded
The vykati are created
University of Vidava founded
Vidava is taken back
First Wolf War
Battle for Nervin Pass
Second Wolf War
Vharkylia founded
Creeping War
War of Galeck
Nystal founded
The Dargaleck Agreement
Mida conquered
Battle for Acrie
Colzar is born
Jzianrhun Treaty
Wolf Blight War
Khauzi discovered
Drtithen refounded
Dark elves start coming to Terah
The steel crusades begin. The high elves sweep across the eastern continent and conquer everything in its path
End of Conquest of Steel and Lightning
Railroad boom
Gnomish rebellion
Vykati show up on other continent
High elves driven out of Vharkylia
High elves retreat to Therfass
University of Vidava refounded

Current Year 113 (or the last two digits of the current year on Earth +100)