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At a Glance

Vharkylia is the land inhabited by the vykati. It encompasses the Vharkil Mountains, the Vhykar forests, and the swamp-like area south of those. It is a resource-rich land that has been fought over for ages and the vykati’s chokehold there is all that is keeping the race alive.

Government =

Legislative Powers

Vharkylia is technically ruled by a council in Drtithen, but in practice the council’s authority doesn’t extend much beyond the city’s walls. Riteyai directly refuses to acknowledge their power and is governed by the ruling lords. The various villages and tribes that dot the rest of Vharkylia use their own systems that vary from location to location.

King and Queen

There is a king and queen, Queen Zarlay and King Forsbane, but these two are not exactly monarchs. The king and queen act as a court of last resort. They are also considered the final authorities on tradition and reserve the right to remove any law created by another body that violates tradition.

National Alpha

A relatively new addition to the government is a position that is sometimes known as the National Alpha, currently held by Benayle Ramisa. This position acts as a sort of executive power, something that was lacking before the position's creation. Officially, the title was created by the Drtithen Council in 32 BH, with a popular vote held that same year. The Riteyai Lords acknowledged the position in 31 AH. The results of the first vote are not known outside of Riteyai and Drtithen, as very few of the villages participated, with many going so far as to destroy the ballots rather than turn them over for proper counting.

Long prior to an official acknowledgement, Benayle was already filling a similar role among his people. This is why many tribes refused a vote. As far as local leadership was concerned, Benayle could continue to fill that role, and a vote acknowledged power in places that they didn't want to acknowledge.

Future Government

The inhabitants of Vharkylia prefer to take care of themselves. Custom and tradition hold much more universal weight than laws and statutes. With no large legislative body, the people would live and have lived happily for centuries with only family and tribal leaders and a more paternal than authoritative king and queen. They'd stay in continual isolation and not care.

The presence of Benayle stands to change that substantially. Indeed, it already has. While the government still claims no liability for the death of any non-wolf that enters the country's borders without proper native escort, they do at least allow others to enter. In addition, with a universally approved executive in place--one that acknowledges both legislative bodies and works to bring about compromise and even, in some rare cases, agreement--there is becoming a level of cohesion that has been unseen in the country's turbulent history. This cohesion has allowed greater trade opportunities and advanced the position of the country in the international community.