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==== Creation of the Vykati
==== Creation of the Vykati ====
Around 2000 B.H. Malsoct sent a group of soldiers to  
Around 2000 B.H. Malsoct sent a group of soldiers to  
storm Jzian. Unbeknownst to them, Jzian had also sent  
storm Jzian. Unbeknownst to them, Jzian had also sent  

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Creation of the Vykati

Around 2000 B.H. Malsoct sent a group of soldiers to storm Jzian. Unbeknownst to them, Jzian had also sent a squadron to attack Malsoct. The two forces met in the Vhykar forest and a small war broke out. Then, both squadrons woke up one morning to find themselves transformed into wolfmen. This disoriented them and they attempted to flee home only to be met with disgust and hostility. With nowhere else to go they fled back to the forest and have remained there ever since. It can only be guessed how exactly the soldiers became wolfmen. Journals recovered from a [[Rhidayar (Nation)|Rhidayan camp] mention that they were losing more men to the strange diseases of the forest, and that they were praying for aid. Since the vykati seem to have an increased immunity against disease, it can be surmised that the sud-den transformation was, in fact, a blessing that allowed them to survive the harsh landscape. Another theory that has been discussed is the idea that there was some magical creature, such as a dragon, living in the forest at the time that was displeased with the battle on its doorstep and cursed them. While this theory lines up with other legends from that era (e.g. sudden disappearances, strange animal noises and footprints, bizarre mutations) there is no solid proof to back it. Barring a miraculous revelation, the exact reason for the creation of the vykati will forever be debated.

Founding of Drtithen

Outside of the small mining towns in the Vharkil Mountains, the first real city settled was Drtithen, just south of the Vhykar Forest’s edges and on the southern edge of Rhidayar. Around 1900 BH a small group of vykati settled on the shores and took up fishing, while a few others ventured out to contact other nations. Rhidayar slaughtered any vykati that came to them, but other nations took interest in the exotic goods the vykati brought with them, and soon small trade agreements were created. This fuelled Drtithen’s expansion, and when Rhidayar tried to attack it gave them the allies and the supplies necessary to fend them off with minimal losses. As trade increased and more vykati ventured out of the forests to settle in the city or travel abroad they discovered another talent they had: they were immune to scurvy. This led to a high demand for vykati crewman on trading ships and further fuelled Drtithen’s economy.

Vharkylia Is Founded

Despite the fact Drtithen and many other vykati cities existed for quite some time, Vharkylia as a nation did not exist until after Rhidayar launched an attack on Drtithen which sparked the Second Wolf War. Rhidayar managed to find some allies with the Yazaf tribe and sieged Drtithen for three months. While the vykati’s grasp of advanced warfare had improved since the first war, and they had more support from other nations, they still might have crumbled underneath Rhidayar’s fanatic onslaught if a vykati soldier who found himself caught behind enemy lines hadn’t managed to slip back into the forest and rally the fury of the vykati tribes there. The tribes’ druids had no trouble turning Rhidayar’s war rhinos on them. That, coupled with the tribe’s warriors flanking the army and picking them off from behind, helped Drtithen drive off the siege.

After it was over the Drtithen Council decided that it was time to have their borders officially established. They forced Rhidayar to sign a treaty stating that the Vhykar Forest, Vharkil mountains, and the wetlands south of that were now Drtithen’s territory, and in 1489 BH Vharkylia was born.

Aftermath of the Wolf Blight War

Despite their reputation and appearances, Vharkylia was a peaceful nation focused on trade more than war, which was why so few of the vykati saw the Wolf Blight War coming, and of those who did none fore-saw the extent of it. If it weren’t for the record kept in Riteyai, a city far enough into the forest that the devastation did not reach it, none of the knowledge of the vykati history would have survived. The estimated quarter of the population that survived joined their brothers in the forests and mountains. As word spread through the tribes and villages of what happened to Drtithen the dislike for outsiders festered. Some went as far as to venture out of the forests to harass travellers, but most just guarded their territory and murdered any human who ventured within it. When a trading caravan from Jzianrhun attempted to cross through Vharkylia, the vykati sent the wagons, still full of goods, back bereft of people. After that incident little was seen or heard of from the vykati for the next 400 years.

Drtithen Refounded

50 BH another small group of vykati crawled out of the forests and begin to build, once more, where Drtithen had been. Many thought that this act would be met with swift and brutal retaliation, but since the race had hidden for so long the other nations found them to be more of a novelty than a danger, and Rhidayar remained wary enough of them that Drtithen was able to take its first steps back to becoming a major port city before the high elves invaded Terah.

It’s important to note that the new Drtithen was not built close to where the old city had been. Apparently, whatever stopped the Rhidayans from settling the area also prevented the vykati from doing so too. Now, the old city ruins have been walled off and the Vharkylia government has stated that they are not responsible for those who dare venture past the walls. Those who try usually find that they are unable to bring themselves to step within. The few that have been rumored to successfully get in come out within minutes and deny having ever gone in.