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Vidava is a wonder of the modern world. It was founded around 2267 BH to protect Rhidayar’s northern borders from invasion. Although it is technically a part of Rhidayar, the people of Vidava do not view themselves as under Rhidayan rule. It is the only place in Rhidayar that has always allowed outsiders and still stands out from the rest of Rhidayar for the wide variety of cultures that manifest there.

Benayle Ramisa: Benayle has been and is still one of the most significant people in Terah. Tales of exploits are told everywhere, from history books to bard songs. He is most famous for his constant struggle for peace between the vykati and the many other races of the world.

Txulbanai: Txulbanai is the official prototype tester for Satyr Industries. He is supposed to test the experimental guns only on target dummies, but he is known to take his work to the field, hiring his skill out to any who can pay his price and using the opportunity to come up with new uses and features for the weapons he tests. This has made him quite wealthy and he now owns a mansion near Satyr Industries that features an automatic defense system. This system has led to the death of several innocent—and not-so-innocent—bystanders.

Satyr Industries: Satyr Industries is a government-run business known world-wide for their high quality guns and other ranged, explosive weaponry. They allow tourists in their central offices and will, on occasion, do carefully controlled weapon demonstra-tions in their testing range for those who are inter-ested. Although there is a lot of interest in the large, reinforced buildings where the weapon manufacturing takes place, only employees are allowed in there. It probably has something to do with the frequent explosions that rock the buildings.

The University of Vidava: The university is the largest one in the world. It was first founded 1975 BH but was destroyed when the high elves invaded Terah. It was refounded through the efforts of Benayle and many others and is the current world leader in technological research and rivals other institutions in the study of magic, combat, religion, agriculture, and life sciences. Its departments include general technological research, warfare technology, aviation, business, psychology, biotechnology, biology, chemistry, physics, and even melee combat.