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At a Glance

Areas of Interest

Silver Roost

Thousands of years ago a family of silver dragons inhabited the mountains in South Zenache. They have long since died off, but many of their descendants still live there. These creatures, though paltry compared to the might of a dragon, provide a decent challenge to a well-trained adventurer and their hides sell in market for a small fortune. The only reason there are any creatures left in the silver roost is because they have a protector, a sorcerer with traces of the blood of the silver dragons in his veins. Anyone unfortunate enough to run across him has very little chance of returning home alive.

The Verelkiin

A large, black creature with dark green scales along its back is sometimes seen around the ruins. At a distance, it can be confused with an elk, but at close range its long fangs and vicious temperament betray its identity. Originally, it was thought that these creatures were responsible for the gruesome deaths around the ruins, but research shows that they eat their prey rather than strewing pieces of it around.

The Sarbrign-Rasgirn Tunnel

Every year, the trains that run through the southern mountains net Zenache hundreds of thousands of gold pieces, and due to some ingenious engineering, it only costs a small fraction of that to keep running.

The Old Ruins

On the western side of Zenache lie the ruins of the old empire’s capital city. Many scholars believe that a wealth of information on the old empire is rotting within it, but all attempts to excavate the ruins have been unsuccessful. In some cases, the hopeful explorers have wound up with their remains scattered about and plastered over the walls. Others have vanished into the depths. One person who was lost in the ruins was a religious fanatic named Emmerich, who insisted some important secret lay buried within.